means finding comfort.

24-hour crisis advocacy hotline: 800.721.7273

Our Services


We provide crisis stabilization, assessment and therapy to survivors of sexual violence and other violent crimes

to reduce symptoms such as:

  • Distressing memories

  • Feeling like the trauma is happening again

  • Not feeling safe

  • Numbness or withdrawal

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Irritability or outbursts of anger

  • Trouble calming down

Benefits of our service include:

  • Restoring a sense of safety and control

  • Learning coping skills for anxiety and stress

  • Collaborating with each individual to meet their unique needs


The mission of the Education and Prevention Department is to engage in acts of cultural change through sexual violence prevention programming that is centered in the lived experiences of our varied communities.

Our team of trained specialists in prevention are available to present to:

  • Non-Profit Agencies

  • Schools

  • Community Groups

  • Religious Organizations

  • Businesses



The Special Victims Unit/Family Advocacy Dept.  provides support and guidance to individuals, children and families who are or have experienced or witnessed violent crimes, including sexual assault and domestic violence. The SVU/Family Advocacy Dept. is an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance and a member of the New Mexico Children’s Safehouse Network. Services are offered to all victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and violent crimes regardless of ability to pay and services on-site are offered in English and Spanish and access to translators is available as needed.


The FAD is an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance and a member of the New Mexico Safe House Network.

  • 24/7 Crisis hotline

  • Case tracking and coordinating for victims of violent crimes

  • Forensic interviewing of children

  • Court monitoring of sexual assault cases

  • Sexual Assault Nurse Exam Facility onsite

  • Assistance completing, filing and attending hearings related to Orders of Protection for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and other violent crimes

  • Parent Support Group for non-offending parents of children who have experienced sexual assault 

We work with law enforcement, the judiciary, social services and other community providers to ensure families receive full access to needed resources.


The Women’s Jewelry Collective began in 2006. It was developed to unify and empower women immigrant survivors through use of an alternative economic and social activity.  The Collective aims to strengthen the fight against violence and to generate additional funds for members and their families.

Together, the members of the Jewelry Collective have developed trust and unity and are restructuring their social and community networks to overcome the stigma, distrust, fear and isolation that comes from their status as women immigrants and immigrant violence survivors.

The women have organized themselves into an economic and social unit that aims to resolve collectively their common challenges.

The Women’s Jewelry Collective meets every Wednesday at Solace Crisis Treatment Center at 4:00pm. 

For more information please contact Amparo Guerrero at 505.988.1951 x136.


Our Forms and Documents


Below are our patient forms. Please download the ones we asked you to fill out and bring them with you.