means recovering peace.

24-hour crisis advocacy hotline: 800.721.7273


To prevent sexual violence and empower survivors of sexual violence and other violent crimes through restoring dignity, strength and resilience.

Solace Crisis Treatment Center

Serving those who have experienced sexual violence and other violent crimes. 

Spanish speaking staff are onsite for clinical, prevention and advocacy services.

We are here to respond to the needs of individuals who have experienced sexual assault, stalking, sex trafficking and some instances of domestic violence. We are a state-of-the-art non-profit agency, located in Santa Fe, combining the healing power and life-affirming services of a specialized clinical team, advocacy center, and education and prevention experts to help survivors and our community restore strength in the face of adversity.

Solace Crisis Treatment Center has been restoring strength for over 48 years. Our Center provides a safe place to receive evidence-based services including therapy for post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorders, violent crimes victim advocacy and sexual violence prevention programs. Solace changed its name from the Santa Fe Rape Crisis and Trauma Treatment Center in October 2010, to ensure there were no barriers to receiving services. Because of that name change Solace provides more safety and more privacy and confidentiality than ever before. We also received national accreditation from the National Children’s Alliance as a family advocacy center for children and their families in cases of abuse, neglect or the witnessing of violent crime.

We employ staff members within three departments – Clinical, Advocacy and Education and Prevention. The three departments work closely together in response to victims of sexual assault, stalking, sex trafficking, child abuse and some instances of domestic violence. For example, a prevention specialist may receive a disclosure of abuse from an elementary school student. A Solace advocate and forensic interviewer might then assist the family during the investigative process, and finally Solace counselors might help the child as well as distressed parents for symptoms related to the abuse.

Solace serves Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and Los Alamos Counties and central northern New Mexico. We serve individuals from San Ildefonso, Nambe, Tesuque and Santo Domingo pueblos. All of our services are provided in English and Spanish, with interpretation services available for other language access needs.

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