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Seek Support

We are here to offer support and services to survivors of sexual assault, family members and friends of survivors, and our Northern New Mexico communities.

Spanish speaking staff are onsite for clinical, education and advocacy services.

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At Solace, we offer holistic services to those seeking support, from therapy and clinical treatment for survivors, to education and prevention for schools, workplaces, and our communities, to child advocacy support. 

Learn about sexual violence

Sexual violence affects us all. Learning about sexual violence, its prevention, and the broad effects of sexual violence on our communities can allow us to become a community that respond to and takes steps to prevent sexual violence and champion dignity, strength, perseverance, and resilience.

Find resources

for support

We've compiled resources in New Mexico to help you or your loved one find further supportive services from legal resources to information on our partner agencies, to information on upcoming events to attend.

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