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Sponsor one of our runners in our Race for Solace campaign and help sustain vital services
for sexual violence survivors and their families.
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Supporters of Solace have signed up to be runners in our virtual race. Runners created their avatars and are running in a virtual track with the goal of fundraising $1,000 each. Runners campaign among their friends, family, and colleagues (their "fans") to raise awareness about Solace while raising funds. Each time one of their fans makes a donation, the runner's avatar moves closer toward the finish line. Each runner's progress will be updated once a day
Oct. 7-26. The race will be public on our website and results will be announced on Oct. 28.

Promotional Benefits of being a sponsor
In becoming a sponsor, you are committing to matching the total amount raised by your runner at the end of the race, up to $1,000. Sponsors can be a business, an organization, or an individual.

If you are a business or an organization sponsoring a runner, your name and logo will be paired with the runner's avatar and integrated into our race. Your runner's avatar will wear a shirt featuring your logo. Your runner may also promote your sponsorship in their social media campaigns or in communications with their fans.
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Additionally, all sponsor's names (including individuals) will appear in the sponsor column on our runner roster in our fan page. Your business or organization will get exposure to everyone who visits our website through the duration of the race. 
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When our race goes live, the virtual race track will be viewable by all runners, sponsors, fans, and the general public. Each sponsor will have a yard sign, featuring their name and logo, in the virtual race track where their runner is competing. The virtual race will be live for three weeks, from Oct. 7-26.
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The results of the race will be announced on Oct. 28. All runners will be ranked based on their position in the virtual track (their total fundraised amount). Sponsor yard signs will be included in our race results page. A member of our staff will reach out to the sponsor either when their sponsored runner reaches their goal, or upon the conclusion of the race (Oct. 26), whichever comes first. We request that sponsors make their matching contributions by no later than
Nov. 15. The race results page will be published on our website until Nov. 30.
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Sponsoring a runner in our Race for Solace campaign
is a great opportunity to support a good cause
while gaining visibility for your business or organization.

If you have any questions about sponsorship, or want to sponsor a runner,
please e-mail cgomez@findsolace.org.
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The reason why
At Solace, our mission is to prevent sexual violence and empower survivors of sexual assault by restoring dignity, strength and resilience.

For 50 years...

Solace has strived to reduce the impact of sexual violence in our communities across northern New Mexico and worked to relieve the emotional suffering caused by this trauma. We have done so while recognizing that oppression is a root cause of sexual violence and  striving to center our work in the values of human rights, social justice, hope and dignity.
Our core services are provided in English and Spanish and at no cost to our clients. 

What we do

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We offer four core services, all of which are intentionally housed in a single location.
Our clients and their families have access to our supportive staff who are trauma-informed, ready to collaborate, and equipped to provide a holistic approach to each situation.

Education & Prevention

We provide age-appropriate sexual violence prevention programs in schools and community organizations.


We provide crisis stabilization and long-term therapy for survivors of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and stalking.

Forensic Interviewing

Our nationally accredited Child Advocacy Center conducts forensic interviews of child and youth victims.


Our advocates provide resources to meet the immediate needs of survivors of sexual violence.


We staff a 24-hour hotline for survivors of sexual violence and collaborate with a wide range of providers to connect survivors to services.

Explore how you can participate!

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