Welcome to Solace's Virtual Race!


This is a virtual fundraising experience where your avatar "runs" a virtual race to raise awareness about Solace in your community while raising funds to celebrate

Solace's 50th year of service.

Kick off your shoes because there is no actual running involved.


Runners in the race each aim to raise $1,000 in the month of October. As a runner, you campaign among your friends, family, and colleagues (your "fans") to help you reach your goal. Your fans will make contributions to Solace via PayPal, noting your Runner ID. You may also find a sponsor to match the funds you raise!


Your running avatar's progress will be updated daily on our virtual racetrack. Your fans, other runners, and our community will watch you run closer and closer to your goal.

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Prizes will be awarded, for each track, to the runners who...

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The track you run is the program you want to raise awareness for among your fans.

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Clinical Services
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Education & Prevention
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Your avatar represents you on our virtual race track. Creating an avatar can take 5-15 minutes.

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Find a business, organization, or individual to match the results of your run!

Recruit a sponsoring business to match the amount you're able to raise

and their name and logo will be paired with your avatar and integrated into our race.

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Submit your registration form to let us know you're running.

We'll reply with a confirmation and with your Runner ID.

Registering will take about 10 minutes if you already have an avatar.


Runner registration is open Sept. 21 - Oct. 2

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Registration is closed at this time. 
Participate as a fan!

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While you wait for the race to start, learn more about our guidelines for runners.

Check out this guide with general information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you have a question about the race, please e-mail us and we'll clarify!

The virtual race will be live Oct. 7 - 26

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Explore how you can participate!