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For 50 years, Solace has reduced the impact of sexual violence in our community and relieved the emotional suffering caused by this trauma. We do this by focusing on human rights, social justice, hope and dignity. We believe survivors are experts in their own experiences and acknowledge that empowering them is crucial to their healing process.

Solace remains committed to serving sexual assault survivors and to ending sexual violence before it starts. The prevention and education programs at Solace are just as important as the care we provide to survivors. We provide age-appropriate sexual violence prevention programs in schools and community organizations. As we head into the next 50 years, Solace will increase our prevention and education programs while continuing to provide expert care for survivors.

We invite you to support us in our efforts to strengthen our roots.

Get involved in our Race for Solace campaign

and help us raise funds to support our programs

so that we can continue to grow.

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Sept. 21 - Oct. 2: Runner registration is open to the public.
Oct. 2: Runner registration closes at 5PM.
Oct. 3 - 6: Runners prepare for the virtual race.
Oct. 7: Race starts at 8AM. Fans can donate to move their favorite runner toward the finish line.
Oct. 7 - 26: Race is live and runners campaign to reach their goal. Runner's progress is updated once a day.
Oct. 26: Race closes at 10AM. Results are calculated.
Oct. 28: Results are published on our website. Prize winners are announced.
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Explore how you can participate!

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Runners are registered and preparing for the race.

Fans will be able to make contributions toward their favorite runner starting Oct 7.