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to Support Survivors of Sexual Assault

Give Dignity & Strength

Your gift brings dignity & strength to survivors of sexual assault, their loved ones, and our New Mexico community. By donating to Solace you are helping to create a resilient community that responds to and takes steps toward preventing sexual violence. 

Give to Our
"Love Is _ _ _ _ _"

This Valentine's, make a donation to Solace and send your loved one a Valentine's card to express your love and gratitude to them. When you donate, you will be able to select whether you want to send a handmade snail mail card or an e-card. You can choose between pre-filled text options, or you can write a personal message to the person you want to send the card to. To start, pick from one of the options below.

*Please note that if you wish to send a snail mail card to arrive by Valentine's Day you will need to send us your "Make My Snail Mail Card" form by the 7th of February. You can still send us a Snail Mail form any time after the 7th, but we cannot guarantee the card will arrive by the 14th of January if the form is not sent in before the 7th.*

Transparency Statement

At Solace, we are focused on being transparent about our activities and financials because we want donors like you to understand how we operate and how our services impact our community.

Solace understands that we are able to continue serving those who have experienced sexual violence because of donors like you. We would like to get to know you better and get to know what information you would like to see or what we can provide for you. Send us an email and let us know how you would like your donation to be used and we'll make sure your voice is heard. 

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Our Thank You Cards to Pillars in Our Community

Thank You!

We are so grateful for this wonderful assortment of stuffed animals and art supplies that were donated to us! Thank you to Joan Less, who collects these donations from other local community organizations. It is heartwarming to know how much comfort these stuffed animals will provide to the children we serve.


Thank You!

We are truly humbled by the generosity of the women of The Awesome Foundation who have selected Solace to receive a much needed grant this summer. Thank you, Awesome Foundation!! 

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And Thank You to Our Generous Supporters!

Solace Crisis Center

We are so grateful to the Mama's Minerals for the continued support that they have given to Solace.


Mama’s Minerals has been a supporter of the Women’s Jewelry Collective by donating all jewelry supplies. We thank them for their continued support. And for more information regarding the Women’s Jewelry Collective, please contact Amparo Guerrero at 505.988.1951 x136.

Solace Crisis Center

We are so grateful to Cisneros Design for the continued support that they have given to Solace.


Cisneros Design has generously donated much of their time to our branding and marketing efforts, and to the development of website and social media.