History of Healing Stories ~ Restoring the Strength Within for 40 Years

In 1973, three women recognized the need to support victims of sexual violence  in our community. At a kitchen table with a single phone, they established  a hotline that would pave the way for comprehensive crisis and trauma treatment services in Northern New Mexico. This organization is now known as Solace Crisis Treatment Center.
In 1984, Santa Fe came together for the first time to acknowledge those who have been victims of violence. The goal of the multi-national Take Back the Night   rally was to empower victims to claim a night without fear. By standing in solidarity, a pivotal step was made by the community in the fight against violence.
In 1995, StrongHeart SafeHouse was established by Solace as a warm, non-threatening, child-friendly program where children and adults with developmental disabilities can give their account to a trained interviewer. Previously, investigations of crimes against children required multiple law enforcement and child welfare interviews that forced victims to relive their experiences again and again. SafeHouse interviews are now one of the most critical components for successful prosecutions of abuse.
In 1999, Project Glyph was created to foster a culture of tolerance and acceptance in the Santa Fe Public Schools. This program was dedicated to opening up dialogues that addressed LGBTQ and racial and economic inequality. The hope was that by working together, students and the Santa Fe community could curb violence and harassment among youth.
In the 2000’s, post-traumatic stress disorder became a key phrase in news headlines. Those returning from combat were being diagnosed with PTSD because of the severe trauma they experienced. PTSD does not just affect those in the military; anyone experiencing a stressful event can have their life impacted mentally, emotionally and behaviorally. Solace recognized the need for treatment and now offers comprehensive PTSD services for individuals and their families.

Beginning in 2005, Solace moved into a state-of-the-art, 11,614 square foot building. This facility enabled Solace to treat victims under one roof exclusively, provide co-housing for all services, and ultimately preventing victims from having to relive their traumatic experience again and again.

In 2010, Santa Fe Rape Crisis & Trauma Treatment Center changed its name to Solace Crisis Treatment Center. The objective behind the name change was to ensure that the stigma of the original name was not a barrier to those in need.

Also in 2010, Solace received certification from the National Children’s Alliance for its services for victims of child abuse. This certification provided Solace with the recognized national standards needed to comprehensively support children and families who have experienced or witnessed violent crimes.



2000s Solace

From 2012 to 2013, a coalition was formed with the Santa Fe Delegation to help make improvements to the Solace Crisis Treatment Center building. Thanks to the unrelenting diligence of our legislators, we received generous funding which will enable Solace to continue to offer a sound and safe haven for those in need. We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to those who contributed to this effort, we are truly grateful for your community support.




In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, Solace will be holding events in partnership with local residents and businesses throughout the year. To learn more about these upcoming events please visit our Events Calendar.